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Our goal is to show you the versatile game Texas Hold’em Poker. It was important to us to make the poker rules as straightforward as possible, so that they are easy to understand, especially for those new to poker. Furthermore, you will find with us all conceivable instructions that will make you the rule to succeed in a poker game. The idea was to help you gain a foothold in Texas Hold’em Poker and build a stable foundation, regardless of where you plan to play poker: whether it’s going to be a nice evening with friends or fun with comrades in the casino.

This portal will not be able to turn you into Liv Boeree. At any rate, on these pages, you will find a number of clues that can help you recognize the usual traps in the game and deliberately avoid them. We set up a base on which you can build yourself until you become a professional poker player (we do not want to exclude that under any circumstances). However, routinely comes exclusively through experience.

Basically, poker cannot be characterized as gambling. There are other criteria that have a significant influence on the gameplay, such as your game tactics, your position at the poker table, the tactics of other players, the probabilities. You have to consider all the aspects mentioned here to become a successful player. Holding on to one of them will undoubtedly not lead you to profit. Such a strategy would undoubtedly lead you to huge losses.

Our poker guide has been split into a few articles that will introduce you to Texas Hold’em poker. 

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